Table Of Contents


  1. Oracle
  2. Linux, PostgreSQL, etc.
  3. MS Windows
  4. Scripting
  5. Other


Killing me softly…with this SQL
MS Access 2016 — a bug finally fixed after 16 years – NOT! (Part 2)
Installing Standalone Oracle Http Server 12c R2 ( on Windows 2012 R2
HTTP 400 error Too many arguments passed in
MS Access 2016 — a bug finally fixed after 16 years
ODAC 12c Release 4 ODP.NET managed driver with Oracle Wallet gotcha
Installing Standalone Oracle Http Server 12c ( on Windows 2012 R2
SQLPLUSW.EXE – The king is dead, long live the king!
Java 7 update 51 and broken Raritan KVM console
Toad and pipe on Slovenian Keyboard
True XCOPY runtime for Oracle ODP.NET application
SQL*Developr & fixing missing MSVCR100.DLL error
ORA-00942 during upgrade from 10g to
Tracing ORA-01031
Oracle 32-bit ODBC on Windows 7 x64
Installing OracleXE 11.2 on OpenSUSE 11.4
Installing OracleXE 11.2 beta on OEL 6.1
Oracle HTTP Server 11g
Windows bundle patch – regression tested from onwards
ORA-600 [KCBLASM_1], [103] on Patchset
OracleXE 11g will raise DB limit to 10GB
Oracle ANSI joins poor performance after patchset installation
How to unwrap PL/SQL code
SQL Developer Data Modeler
Patchset + Patch 2 (CPU OCT-2010)
ORA-600 [2252]
Patchset for Windows x86/x64
dbms_crypto example
MOS – Community Reviews
Forms6i and Oracle11g R2
Goofing around with Oracle ASM 11.2 for Windows x64
Pseudo tape backup with RMAN
Security bug – DBMS_JAVA
tnsManager – look no further, if you’re looking for Oracle Names replacement
OracleXE on Windows7
Installing and configuring Oracle HTTP 10g on Windows 2003 x64
SQL*Plus -prelim option
ORASRP – Oracle Session Resource Profiler
klafr called
SQL*Net tracing in 11g
A short memo about _fix_control
HugePages (Linux) and Large Pages (Windows) references
Using cooked files with ASM on Windows
Oracle ADDM report: “Significant Virtual Memory Paging Was Detected…”
Bug 6471770 – OERI [32695] [hash aggregation can’t be done] from Hash GROUP BY
The worst kind of the (Oracle) bug…
De-support of RAW devices in 12g
Oracle10g Transparent Gateway for MS SQL – sample config.
Purging dba_2pc_pending
Side notes from our patchset installation tests on Windows 2003/SP2/x64
Protecting passwords with Oracle Wallet
Toad 9.6 with Oracle11g Instant Client
Is it possible to restore Oracle 9.2 RMAN backup with version?
RMAN format element %t in backup piece name
Job hang with Wait Event: log file switch (private strand flush incomplete)
How to change Oracle wordsize from 32-bit to 64-bit
Performance degradation of INSERT … SELECT with UNION ALL
ORA-00600 [LibraryCacheNotEmptyOnClose]
Do you run Oracle on MS Windows 2003-SP1? Check this out…
Bug “cursor: pin S wait on X” introduced in
ORION – Oracle I/O Numbers Calibration Tool
The Log_buffer parameter cannot be changed In 10g R2
Oracle11g OUI – default Oracle base location
Bug – DCD (Dead Client Detection) doesn’t work as expected
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges while logged on with CopSSH
Export error after applying CPUOCT2007
SQORAS32: An Unsupported operation was attempted.
Testing Oracle OID
ORA-600 [klaprs_12]
Installing 11g on Centos 4.2 – getting ORA600 [kghssgai2]
Test case: upgrading database (32-bit) to (64-bit)
ORA-600 … While Upgrading Or Patching Databases To
Steps to upgrade Oracle XE Apex to 3.0.1
Exceptional High Memory consumption of Oracle 10.2.0.x on Windows EMT64
Another day, another bug … Bug 4732503 – Self-deadlock on TT enqueue
ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed
Oracle XE with character set EE8MSWIN1250
Oracle JAccelerator NCOMP

Linux, PostgreSQL, etc.

Installing ArcServe 17.5 agent on Oracle Linux 7.4
xrdp on Raspberry Pi 2 with Slovenian keyboard
Installing Cisco AnyConnect Client 3.1 on Fedora 20
Upgrading Oracle Linux 6.4 to 6.5 (plus UEK2 to UEK3)
Installing and configuring ArcServe 16.1 agent on Fedora 20
PostgreSQL ODBC driver installation on Linux
Upgrade Fedora 19 to 20 (KDE spin)
How to fix default (ugly) fonts in SQL Developer on Linux
PostgreSQL 9.3 – installation on Fedora 19
Running BitTorrent Sync on Fedora 19 as a service
Securing PostgreSQL
Installing Collabnet Subversion Edge Server On Oracle Linux
PostgreSQL 9.2 installation on OEL 6.4
Which “free” is really free?
How to patch ESXi 5.0
ext4 – how to improve performance
rlwrap + sqlplus
ArcServe agent 15 on OEL 6.1
Ubuntu Unity on VirtualBox 4.1
Python 3.2.1 on OEL 6.1
Local yum repository from OEL 6.1 DVD
Sudoers on Oracle Enterprise Linux
ASRock mini – Part 6.
ASRock mini – Part 5.
Android SDK on Ubuntu 10.04
ASRock mini – Part 2.
How to install and use vpnc to connect to Cisco VPN concentrator
How to install Cisco VPN Client on Ubuntu 10.04
ASRock mini – Part 4.
ASRock mini – Part 3.
ASRock mini – Part 1.
A short note about moving internal Drupal CMS site from test to the production
A short note about migrating dbaTicket application from MySQL 4.0 to 5.0

MS Windows

Windows 10 – disable Windows Update automatic reboot
Setup OpenSSH (Cygwin) for public key authentication
Installing OpenSSH (Cygwin 1.7.35) on Windows 2012 R2
Gpg4win – file encryption
SQL Server BI Studio 2008R2 on Windows 7 (x64) Gotcha
replacement for on Windows 7 x64
nssm replacement for srvany
ICONV for Windows
CopSSH 4.2.1 on Windows 7/2008R2
Selectively disable UAC on Windows 7
ArcServe 16 – enabling cabatch capability for DBA
DBGWPROC.DLL on Windows 2008 R2 (Windows 7 x64)
How to get SID with PowerShell
How to convert dynamic disk to basic
Replacement for net send (msg.exe)
Nano on Windows x86/x64
grepWin rocks!
RSA Tools For Windows 7
md5deep for Windows
OpenVPN & Windows 7
Preparing Windows 7 bootable USB key
Resetting TCP/IP stack on Windows XP
IBM SDDDSM driver –
Running cmd.exe under System account
SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive
DebugDiag for Windows x64
Windows Search – enabling search in .sql files
Pushing the limits of Windows
Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel
ArcServe – ca_auth
Upgrading MS OLAP 2000 to MS OLAP 2005
How to extract OLE object from MS Access database
How to backup MS Analysis Services OLAP db with ascmd
Windows and GPT FAQ
Destroying data on Windows – for free :)
EventCombMT – free Windows event log search tool
Windows 2008 – what’s new in TCP/IP stack?
How to reinstall DTC Service (Distributed Transaction Coordinator)
How to authorize .NET application to run from network drive
Windows DEP – Data Execution Prevention
How much memory is available to 32-bit applications running on Windows x64?
Windows search path
Using RUNAS to launch Explorer as less-privileged user
Critical bug in ArcServe Agent 9.0
Windows 2003 Standard Edition and /3GB switch
ArcServe – how to reset forgotten caroot password


Reading ServersCheck Status page from command line – Part 3.
Reading ServersCheck Status page from command line – Part 2.
Reading ServersCheck Status page from command line – Part 1.
How to compile pycrypto 2.4.1 (python 3.2.2 for Windows 7 x64)
IronPython – working with Registry
Wake-On-Lan with Python 3.x
Wake-On-Lan with PowerShell
How to compile cx_Oracle (python 3.2 for Windows x64)
How to compile cx_Oracle module on Windows x86
Python for Android
Using Python With Oracle 11g
Ad Hoc file sharing with SimpleHTTPServer
IronPython – how to compile exe
Twitting with Python
Finding last Logon time with PowerShell
Why Python?
Python articles on OTN
Python minidom snippet (converting xml file produced by SQL Developer to csv)
History of Python
My essential Python toolbox
Python 3 released
VMWare Infrastructure Toolkit for Windows
sed one-liners
Free PowerShell Commands for Active Directory
PowerShell columns by Jeffery Hicks
Simple script for sftp automation on Windows
SETSTAMP.BAT – a generic script for “time stamping” file names
Count dates with AWK


20th anniversary
Using ssh tunneling to gain access to remote VirtualBox guest attached to NAT
VirtualBox replacement for VMWare Server 2.0.2
Sharing Model on Dropbox 1.0.10
Windows 7 guest on VMWare Server 2.0
Firefox 3.6 trouble…
UTP – Wiring schema
VMWare Server 2.0 – Released
How to extend VMWare volume
IBM ServeRAID Manager Agent – memory leak