How to patch ESXi 5.0

A short memo about patching ESXi 5.0 without Update Manager:

  1. Download VMWare patch, in my case I downloaded recently released Update 1 for ESXi 5.0:
  2. upload zip file to ESXi datastore
  3. check that ESXi shell and SSH access is running:
    – connect to ESXi with vSphere Client, then open Configuration tab, select Security Profile, open Properties
    – check that ESXi shell and SSH are running, if not then turn them on:

  4. shutdown all VM’s
  5. use whatever ssh client you prefer to connect to ESXi host as root
  6. install patch with the esxcli (change path to the patch appropriately):
    esxcli software vib install --maintenance-mode --depot /vmfs/volumes/datastore2/ISO/VMWareUpdate1/

    Note that everything must be on the same line!

  7. reboot ESXi host

I had a severe network performance problems with base 5.0 release that installation of Update 1 fixed.


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