VMWare Server 2.0 – Released

I was using VMWare Workstation for years – mostly for OS & RDBMS testing. Nothing at production level. This will soon change. I’ll most likely use recently released VMWare Server 2.0 for some less critical production workload, replacing a couple of physical servers, plus my own workstation. I tested VMWare Server 2 RC2 and was happy with the design and even management console performance (I was expecting much worse performance after reading some feedbak on vmware forums – it’s not that bad). I’m planning Hyper-V evaluation on Windows 2008 as well. I do like both products, but Hyper-V poor performance for Linux guests (and no thanks, I refuse to use Suse, not now not in the future) will at the end most likely result in VMWare Server 2.0 deployment.


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