ORA-600 [klaprs_12]

I noticed several trace files containing ORA-600 [klaprs_12] in it. Quick search on Metalink with ORA-600 Search utility revealed, that it’s a known bug, caused by running SQL*Loader in direct path against 10g Server.

For details refer to: Bug 4675337 OERI[klaprs_12] on sqlload in direct path mode from 9.2 client to 10g server.

The workarounds:
– use conventional load instead of direct path ….. I don’t think so :-(
– install patchset …. sure, there are only several hundred client machines out there :-(

I think our central Oracle client installation ( on the network, will do the trick for me :-). Fortunately, I already had this client ready for another application, so not much of the fuss for me this time.



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