Oracle11g OUI – default Oracle base location

I’m not sure who is to blame – it must be the new kids on the block at Oracle HQ….

What do you think about 11g new defaults for Oracle base on Windows?

They propose (silly in it’s own way!) default Oracle base directory with this explanation:

Specify a base location for storing all Oracle software and configuration-related files. This location is the
Oracle base directory. Create one Oracle Base for each operating system user. By default, software and configuration files are installed by version and database name in the Oracle Base directory.

Oracle Base: D:\app\scott

Software Location


Path: D:\apps\scott\product\11.1.0\db_1

What is wrong with simple, yet universally understandable Oracle base, such as D:\ORACLE, for example. Why APPS, why OS user name?

It must be that someone is smoking the wrong stuff.



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