Selectively disable UAC on Windows 7

During recent tests of ArcServe 16, I found out that command line tool cabatch.exe on my Windows 7 (x64) workstation triggers User Account Control (UAC) mechanism, resulting in a dialog box where I need to confirm application launch. This is unacceptable for automation of submitting backup jobs. Instead of completely disabling UAC on my Workstation I decided to turn off UAC selectively, just for a couple of CA command line tools. Here are the steps for cabatch:

Step 1) You’ll need “Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6”, you can download and install ApplicationCompatibilityToolkitSetup.exe from Microsoft site”.

Step 2) run Compatibility Administrator. In my case cabatch.exe is 32-bit binary, so I must launch 32-bit “Compatibility Administrator” from program group:


Click on Fix button and enter application info:


skip Compatibility mode with button Next:


on Compatibility fixes scroll down until you find RunAsInvoker and check it (you can also run a test):


on Matching information screen leave everything as it is and click Finish:


click on Save button to save newly created database:


name the database so, that you’ll know what it is for (DisablingUAC-app…):


then open File menu and install database:


you’ll get confirmation if installation was successful:


That’s it. No more UAC nagging while executing cabatch.exe.


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