[February 2, 2013]
If you’re a regular visitor you’re probably wondering what happened to the greenish dbaPortal, powered by Drupal for the last 5+ years!? Apart from changing hosting provider, we also changed blogging platform. From now on, WordPress will be our publishing software.

All posts were transferred from Drupal to WordPress manually, one by one.
We had to adjust some posts layout, but otherwise all the content is here in the correct chronological order. Due to the “labour-intensive” process of moving the content from site to site, errors could happen, if you find any broken link or code snipet, please do contact us.

We preserved content categories (formerly known as “Forums”). Unfortunately, original url’s of content could not be kept as such. If you landed here because of the “page not found” error, we apologize, but you’ll have to search this site for the content (you can refer to Table of Contents with aggregated links to posts in all categories with the exception of Blog).

Policy and objective of dbaportal.eu site didn’t change a bit. See “About” for details.