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I already blogged about Oracle decision to release SQL Developer Data Modeler as a free product. I would certainly never shell out 3000$ (original Oracle price) for the license of Data Modeler, because the product is simply not worth that much, especially compared to 479$ Data Modeler from Quest, a product that is imho at least as good as Oracle Data Modeler, if not better. Now that Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a free product it certainly deserves to be evaluated. I’ll probably use Oracle Data Modeler in my next pet home project and if I found something worth writing about I’ll publish it here in the comments section. For now I just want a working copy to sit on my desktop, waiting for some free time on my part.

Downloading and installing Data Modeler on my Ubuntu Lucid Lynx was a breeze, because I already downloaded and installed JDK 6 for SQL Developer.

Steps for installing SQL Developer Data Modeler:

$ cd /home/alesk/Downloads
$ sudo unzip datamodeler-2.0.0-584-no-jre.zip -d /oracle
$ sudo chown -R oracle:dba /oracle/datamodeler/
$ cd /oracle/datamodeler
$ sh ./datamodeler.sh
-- the first time you run the script it'll ask you to
-- provide path to jdk installation directory, in my case:

That’s it. The only thing that remains to be done is to create new desktop launcher. SQL Developer Data Modeler starts surprisingly fast, considerably faster than SQL Developer. Screenshot example:


One of the first thing I checked was for which databases we can generate DDL, the list is much shorter compared to Quest Data Modeler, but for the mainly Oracle shop it’s more than adequate:



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