Forms6i and Oracle11g R2

Can you figure out what is wrong with this picture:


Well, according to MOS note 207303.1 “Client / Server / Interoperability Support Between Different Oracle Versions” you supposedly should not be seeing this picture at all :).

It’s one of our legacy client/server application built with Designer6i R3 (with some Headstart sugar) that runs on Windows 7 with database session on Oracle11g R2. Application runs without a hitch. Against all odds! Remember, we’re talking about Net 8.0.6 underneath, client version that should receive ORA-3134 as a welcome message while attempting to connect to 11g. But it doesn’t. We’re also talking about Windows 7 (without relying on XP mode, btw.!) as a guest machine. If someone asked me a few days ago if this is possible I would say “No way José”. A simple question that was published on community forum triggered my curiosity and fortunately curiosity didn’t kill the cat, at least not this time.

Funny thing is that at the time when Oracle11g R1 was released I tried to connect with sqlplus 8.0.6 to 11g database and received the error ORA-00248 (see Jarneil blog), immediately dismissed the idea of even trying Forms6i app. against 11g R1.

Totally unsupported combination, of course. But who cares, Developer6i is out of support since 2005 and just seeing some posts on OTN about Developer 11g make one starting to choke. Of course, in our case this legacy application is not that important for the business and eventually the day will come when merciful shot will end the production life of an old dog.


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