Python 3 released

Production version of Python 3.0 was released yesterday. It’s a major release that is not compatible with 2.x code. I think it’s a good news for the prospect of the language — it’s better to remove (and replace with something better) some annoyances in the language once for ever. It also means we’ll have to unlearn some things as well as learn some new stuff.

For the start I read Guido van Rossum article about changes: What’s New In Python 3.0.

Other resources I will have to check out while migrating my python scripts from 2.x to 3:

I’ll be watching for a release of third party modules for Python 3, such as cx_Oracle, win32all and Qt and only then I’ll start porting python scripts to Python 3. I guess it’ll take a year, perhaps even more for all third party modules to catch up with Python 3 release.


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