Oracle JAccelerator NCOMP

Oracle made two silly mistakes when 10g was released:

  1. they put JAccelerator NCOMP (Java Native Compiler) component on Companion disk. Put mandatory component of the database on Companion disk and just wait for the flow of the Service Requests – and Oracle Support got the “feedback” from customers who overlooked the requirement to install this mandatory component from Companion disk.
  2. They learned the lesson and corrected a mistake in Oracle11g where JAccelerator is installed at the time database SW is installed (you may argue that JAccelerator is really not a mandatory component in 10g…this is only true if you run database without JVM. Do you support any such db?;-).

  3. second silly decision is really an old story – I don’t know who is the genius behind the idea to not let us choose which component we would like to install with OUI. We had to install tons of demo stuff just to get JAccelerator component on our server, followed by de-installation of components that we don’t need. If I choose “Custom Installation” I want control of what will be installed and what not – please, don’t treat me like an idiot.

Now, it’s time for a confession :-). Today (before I got necessary dose of caffeine), I was too quick while preparing test installation of Oracle – after I finished installation of base release, I patched this version with Patchset In the middle of installation, it struck me that I forgot to install JAccelerator. Fortunately, I was installing Oracle SW without the database, so the fix was easy after installation finished:

  1. I installed JAccelerator from media
  2. then re-installed patchset. OUI will display additional panel, if detects that some components are already patched, showing all the installed components and you can browse the tree and check that only JAccelerator will be patched from to

I’m not quite sure, what would be the exact procedure if you installed JAccelerator after database was already created without it (JVM loaded without NCOMP). I guess JVM needs to be reloaded (see Metalink 276554.1 “How to Reload the JVM in 10.1.0.X and 10.2.0.X”)– not for the faint of heart!



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