Resetting TCP/IP stack on Windows XP

Last week I installed IXIA Endpoint on my PC for the sake of some network benchmark test done by our network support contractor. A couple of days later I noticed weird behavior accessing shared files from one of our server. Only my workstation has sporadic problems accessing files (SMB as well as RDP protocol) on single server. IXIA endpoint was my first suspect because I allowed IXIA install program to change my TCP/IP settings. De-installing IXIA endpoint didn’t help and neither updating Windows XP with the latest hot fixes. Partly due to the time pressure I gave up with troubleshooting and decided to simply reset TCP/IP settings according to Microsoft support Article 299357.

Simple netsh command followed by reboot did the trick:

cmd> netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

The problem seemed to go away. In resetlog.txt netsh writes every registry key or value that was either reset, added or deleted. Another Microsoft article worth having among bookmarks when you need to troubleshoot network connections is How to troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity with Windows XP.


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