Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel

Lately I work a lot with VMWare virtual machines and that’s why I keep all the relevant software in ISO images. I was looking for a simple (and free) tool that will allow me to mount ISO images on Windows XP workstations, outside of VMWare. You can find plenty of free software on the net but since Microsoft has it’s own tool, called Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel, I decided to use that one.
After you download the package, simply unpack VCdControlTool.exe and VcdRom.sys in any folder you wish and start VCdControlTool.

User interface is really simple:


You’ll find detailed explanation in readme.txt that comes with the tool, here is a quick guide:

  • Driver Control -> Install Driver -> Browse and select vcdRom.sys
  • Start Driver
  • Add Drive
  • Mount -> Browse and select ISO that you want to mount

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