Critical bug in ArcServe Agent 9.0

If you still have ArcServe 9.0 (confirmed on Build 2050) Agents around the server farm, be very careful if you backup mounted volumes on Windows 2000/2003. This is usually the case on database servers to avoid the letters for the individual volumes.

Let’s say that you have the following mount points:

D:\ORADATA\ORADB\DATA01 —> pointing to VOLUME1
D:\ORADARA\ORADB\DATA02 —> pointing to VOLUME2

You prepare backup in ArcServe as usual, connecting to the Agent, selecting above directories, running the backup and everything seems kosher….until you try to do a restore. At that point you can find out that mount point D:\ORADATA\ORDB\DATA02 contains the files from some random volume. Yes, it means that backup is useless. No error, everything is working fine, it’s just that ArcServe Agent 9 gets somehow wrong information about the volume. For example out of 10 mounted volumes, nine of them will be backed up correctly and one will have unreasonable content – from another volume. One workaround is to add a drive letter with Disk Manager to the problematic mount point, then backup the drive by letter not by mount point.

I couldn’t find any official CA bug note, all I know is that this doesn’t happen with ArcServe 11.5 (SP3) agent.

The moral of this story is to test your restore procedures as much (or more) as you do the backup itself.



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