About us

Who are we?

A really small group of Oracle database administrators from Slovenia with membership based on invitation only.

Ahh, another snobby site!?

Nope. We just want to keep our group small and cohesive. We don’t have hidden agenda! (Apology to all the fans of Dan Brown:-)

What is the main purpose of dbaPortal.eu?

The main goal of this portal is to allow us to keep our notes about technology, that we’re using professionally in one place.
Instead of writing a short memo on yellow sticky paper, we’ll try to write it here. Make no mistake, it’s for us that this portal is built and maintained for; if you by any chance find the information published here helpful, fine – if not, keep surfing, there’s a whole lot of fish in the sea ;-) .

Why is this site closed for user registration?

You’re not paying attention! :-) See point #1.

Why are comments disabled?

This was really the hardest decision that we had to make. We feel that allowing anonymous posting is a good thing, this is especially true for technical sites. It’s all about the freedom to criticize and being criticized, to being corrected when you’re wrong and to get credits from the peers when you’re entitled to. Sure, some comments (criticism) may sometimes hurt our ego, but at the same time we can actually learn something new – a good trade if you ask me. Tom Kyte wrote an excellent article about anonymous posting; we could not agree more with him.
On the other hand we don’t have time nor patiance to fight against spam bots and/or freaks with too much time. We also considered personal registration review process that Howard Rogers is was using on his site (kudos to Howard for that!) – definitely something we will consider using it in the future; but for now, comments and postings are reserved for registered users and since the self-registration is turned off, it actually means you’ll have to use feedback form to contact us. We’ll make our best to timely correct any wrong information published on this site with a proper credits to those who’ll report the error.

Language used on this site

It’s not hard to conclude from what you read so far, that English is not our first language. Accept our apology for any omission in spelling and grammar. We’ll try our best to publish as much as possible in English, but occasionally we’ll publish some articles in Slovenian language as well — usually short notes and/or examples, targeted to a specific group of our (end) users.

Ales & Zala

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