ASRock mini – Part 4.

Just a quick note about ASRock running Windows 7 as a guest on Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) host. The sole purpose of having Windows guest on my Ubuntu is to run Cisco VPN client that I need for remote access to my office (unfortunately, our “corporate” policy supports only VPN client for Windows) .

I’m happy to report that ASRock with 2GB RAM (256MB is used for graphic card) and dual core Atom 330 (1.6 GHz) processor is more than sufficient to run Windows 7 as a guest with 768MB RAM and one virtual CPU under VirtualBox 3.2. And that’s pretty much all I need from Windows 7 – to run VPN client plus Remote Desktop.

The only peculiarity I delved with VirtualBox on Ubuntu 10.04 was the following warning that I got during the guest startup:


which I fixed by following the recommendation and turning the Host I/O cache on:



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