Toad and pipe on Slovenian Keyboard

After you install Toad on workstation with Slovenian keyboard you might find out that you can not enter pipe (|) as usual, with AltGr+W in Toad Editor. Entering AltGr+W will open “Watches” instead of displaying pipe. The workaround is simple, go to Toad menu and select View -> Toad Options… -> Toolbars/Menus -> Shortcuts.
In combo box sort the content on column Category. Scroll to the “Editor” entries and find the line for command “Watches”. Select the line and replace default Ctrl + Alt + W with something new, for example Shift + Ctrl + Alt + W, as shown on the picture.


This is apparently a bug in Toad where Ctrl + Alt + W somehow equals AltGr + W!?


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