VMWare Infrastructure Toolkit for Windows

It was only a question of time when it will be released – a VMWare specific toolkit for Windows PowerShell. I hope I’ll have a time to test this toolkit soon with VMWare Server 2.0 (after it’ll be released); nevertheless, even on paper it sounds promising with 120+ powershell cmdlets centered around managing and automation of VM.

Note: As you might know I was not a particular fan of PowerShell, but I changed my mind :-). I was skeptical about PowerShell when Microsoft announced new scripting environment (what’s wrong with WSH that I’m already familiar with?), but now I understand the importance and potential of this product, it really deserves power in it’s name. If you’re Windows system administrator you’re better off to start learning Powershell right now (if you’re already not) – it’ll make your life much easier and your employment prospect safer;-).


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