Sharing Model on Dropbox 1.0.10

I was goofing around with the Dropbox sharing option, trying to find a workaround for the “implementation bug”; a sad fact that at the moment we can share folder(s) only in read-write mode. Don’t know how such fundamental flaw in a design was not addressed yet, at least not in the production version (1.0.10 as of now, December 31, 2010). However, I found some forum threads where something called “Get a sharable link” was mentioned, which allows for non-public file or folder to be shared in read-only mode. If you’re using current (production) version of Dropbox client you perhaps wonder how can you enable this beta feature. Well, after I spent a considerable time browsing various forum threads, I finally found the hint on how to enable Dropbox Sharable model.
All you need to do is to login to your Dropbox account and then open this url:
Hopefully, Dropbox team will release Sharable Model in production in early 2011, adding some additional features along the way (password protection being the most notable one).
After you enable sharable model you’ll see additional option in the main menu as shown on the picture:
as well as on the context menu of file or folder:

Warning! Despite the fact that generated link is hard to guess, it’s not unreasonable to expect that someone already has a script that can generate strings on the fly and then trying to open url’s, so use sharable links as a convenient feature for sharing files and/or folders of semipublic type — the ones that should not be put in official public folder, yet the World will not stop spinning if someone gets those files.


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