SIOUG 2010

We’ll see if economic downturn has any impact on attendance of fifteen conference organized by SIOUG! I hope not. SIOUG 2010 conference, two and a half day event hosted in my beloved Portorož is approaching and once again, I was questioning myself if is it worth spending more than a day or two on the conference. Despite my initial pessimism, I put together itinerary that justify a bit my discomfort with the conference venue. Here it is:

Monday, September 27

Christian Antognini, “Join techniques”
Boris Oblak, “Vodenje revizijskih sledi brez posegov v aplikacije”
Kantamestarit Oy,”Dude, where’s my database?”
Randolf Geist“Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting – Live Session”*
[*Although Graham Wood session on Exadata is tempting too.]

Tuesday, September 28

Uroš Mesojedec, “Java 2010 – pogled v prihodnost”
Jože Senegačnik,”Pravilna uporaba SQL ukazov v PL/SQL kodi”
Peter Robson,”CTRL-Z in SQL*Plus – Infinite Rollback!”
Piet de Visser,”Still using Ratios”
Graham Wood,”DB Time-based Oracle Performance Tuning: Theory and Practice”
Jože Senegačnik,”Kako lahko z definiranjem “constraintov” pohitrimo izvajanje aplikacij?”
Andrej Žabkar,”Virtualizacija z OracleVMjem – razgrnimo tenčico”

Wednesday, September 29

Grant Ronald,”The Fusion Development Platform”
Gregor Malenšek,”Kaj pa prehod na Forms & Reports 11g?”
Darko Golec,”Workspace Manager za potrebe časovnih baz”
Robert Korošec,”Oracle DataWall – nadaljevanje Oracle *Vault strategije”
Jure Kajzer,”Oracle za spletkarje”
Lovro Vreš,”Kdo dostopa do moje baze”
Denis Đukić,”Varnostno preverjanje Oracle podatkovnih baz”

If I’ll learn something worth posting, I’ll do it in the comment section.


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  1. SIOUG 2010 presentations
    For the record, the SIOUG 2010 presentations are published here. Unfortunately, SIOUG decided to protect the content with the password that was sent to conference attendances. I’m not exactly sure what is the purpose of such restriction, to punish those who could not afford to come to Portorož? Anyway, if you mingle a bit with: sioug 2010, I’m sure you’ll guess the password.