Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a FREE product

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the news on my favorite public forum that Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a free product.
In the time when I feel that system analysis is a bad word among youngsters, something that only old school mastodons still practice and preach (or at least they’re trying to), came Oracle announcement that Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is available for free, quite a drop from 3000$ per named user price. I’m sure they were trying hard to sell the (overpriced!) product, but they simply could not make a significant sell figures. Golden times when Oracle Designer ruled the scene are over.
I truly hope that Oracle decision is correlated more to the economic downturn than the fact that nowadays system analysis is often neglected phase in the project, so one would expect smaller demand for the modeling tool such as SQL Developer Data Modeler.
I’m sure this is not a good news for Quest – while Toad Data Modeler is reasonably priced, it doesn’t run on Linux and this is becoming a major issue for me. I’m sure we’ll immediately freeze additional Toad Data Modeler purchases of new licenses and investigate the possibility to migrate to Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.


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