Bozos at work

Marketing bozos at Oracle struck again, with so called “study report” done this time by ORCInternational, titled “Database Manageability and Productivity Cost Comparison Study: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 vs. IBM DB2 9.7”. It’s interesting that they came to the same percent savings (43%) as Edison group who published similar (if not exact) pamphlet in 2009.
Nevertheless, that “oracle red color” in all table headers looks very nice, Big Boss must be very happy with this report!

The last time marketing bozos at Oracle published report that “proved” that Oracle11g saves 41% DBA costs compared with MS SQL Server 2008. This time around, study (again) confirms that:

Quote: Study Confirms Oracle Saves 43 Percent More DBA Time Than DB2.
ORC International interviewed Oracle and DB2 database administrators (DBAs) and IT architects; then ran tests to measure DBA daily routines and tasks. Their comparison revealed significant time and resource savings when using Oracle Database 11g over IBM DB2 9.7, including productivity savings of more than US$51,000 per DBA annually.

What a pity that saving is 43% and not 42%, at least we should be laughing with a good reason.


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  1. New year, new joke…:-)
    Another amazing study from ORCInternational confirms that Oracle appliance is pure gold compared to MS SQL server. It was a pleasure reading full report, fun as always. This report should spark in the reader a shopping instinct: “Amazing, I truly want this Oracle Appliance, right now!!“. Not.
    Obviously, someone at Oracle thinks that it’s a good for their business to start New Year by serving customers with such “scientific” reports. What a shame.