SIOUG 2007 – presentation material

Presentation material from SIOUG 2007 is available in pdf format – or better said, only part of it. I’m a bit disappointed, that three weeks after the conference, I could not refer to a single paper from my favorite guest speakers: James Morle, Cary Millsap, Julian Dyke and Wolfgang Breitling, nor papers from Jože Senegačnik. I hope SIOUG site will be updated with the missing material soon.
In general, I think SIOUG 2007 conference was a success. The Wednesday alone was worth the conference fee (if you ever had a chance to listen to Cary Millsap, then you know what I’m talking about – not that other speakers were bad, it’s just that the Cary presentation style and skills are in it’s own class).
Did I dislike something about SIOUG 2007 conference (apart from missing presentation material)?
You bet (after all, I have to take care about my grumpy-ego trip-attitude;-) :

  • a lack of discipline from the speakers to finish with the presentation on time, which resulted in cascading time conflicts with presentations done in other tracks. The guest speakers showed better sense for the time.
  • the most boring stuff on conference were “self-promoting” presentations done by conference sponsors. Some of them were so boring that not even a double Turkish coffee could keep me awake. One of the CEO was so eager and so ridiculous in his bragging at the same time, that the audience start laughing at some point – he thought we’re laughing at his gag – so he bragged a bit more …. do you sense Catch 22 here ;-)
  • official conference photographer was a real pain in the ass, someone should took those damn batteries from him, or tell him that one or two photos per session are enough, not 10-15 from five different angles. Give us a break, this is a technical conference not some fashion show in Milan.
  • venue of the conference really sucks. I know that I’m more or less alone in this opinion :-)

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