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ArcServe – ca_auth

I have always a problem remembering the proper steps needed to authorize DBA’s to execute backup jobs with CABATCH utility in ArcServe.
For example, assume the following setup:

BACKUPSERVER  ... is the server with ArcServe running
DBAWORKSTATION ...  is workstation from which DBA can execute remote backup job with <em>cabatch</em> utility
DBAUSER  ... is Windows OS domain account for DBA.  

The DBAUSER while logged on DBAWORKSTATION should be allowed to open command line, run cabatch utility and send the backup job to remote BACKUPSERVER.

The procedure to authorize DBAUSER to execute cabatch:

1) Log on BACKUPSERVER as Administrator (assuming this account was used during ArcServe installment)

2) Add ArcServe <em>internal</em> user named dbauser (I prefer the same name as it's used on windows domain for DBA)

cmd> ca_auth -user add dbauser password

Remember, both username and password is internal, ArcServe stuff, and has nothing to do with OS account!

You can list existing ArcServe users with:

cmd> ca_auth -user getall 

3) Make account the equivalent to caroot

cmd> ca_auth -equiv add dbauser dbaworkstation dbauser caroot carootpassword

Here is explantion of positional parameters used above:

cmd> ca_auth -equiv add

Usage :
        ca_auth [-cahost host] -equiv    add ntuser hostName BrightStorUser [caroot_username] [caroot_password]
        ca_auth [-cahost host] -equiv    getequiv [ntuser hostName]
        ca_auth [-cahost host] -equiv    delete ntuser hostName [caroot_username] [caroot_password]
        ca_auth                         -equiv    whoami

I hope this note will spare me some time in the future :)