Transition is over…

I setup my first blogging site on our intranet more than a decade ago (2002), running (back then) a very new and very popular Movable Type. For years, system run smoothly and I can’t say anything bad about MT, but rather that blogging became from technical point of the view almost boring. And the fact that MT is written in Perl definitely helped me stay away from doing any hacking myself.
Then (~2004) things become interesting, I started to learn Python. It was not long and I migrated my intranet based MT site to python powered Plone (~2005). I replaced simplicity with fully blown CMS. Plone is the best CMS I worked with so far, I believe it’s the most powerful and prettiest CMS in existence. Nothing comes close to the power and beauty of Plone. But at a price. Back then you needed a pretty powerful server to run it smoothly or find a plone friendly hosting provider (not that many existed 8-9 years ago, almost a decade before “cloud hammering” hit us from everywhere). If you want to use Plone, you need (at least) VPS (Virtual Private Server), you can forget about cheap shared hosting plans. The bottom line is that Plone was simply too powerful, for the job that I needed to be done.
It was 2007 and I knew that I want simplicity back, I needed classic LAMP. Thanks to “Linux Journal” the search was not hard, I soon found my next CMS of choice, Drupal. Drupal was much simpler than Plone, but at the same time quite different, so the learning curve was steeper than I anticipated.
Considering Drupal overall popularity it was easy to find hosting provider offering support for Drupal. But finding good hosting provider is never easy. I must say I was lucky with my first pick, OpenSourceHost, which reliably and professionally hosted for the last 5+ years, plus I was quite happy with entry level 95$/year shared hosting plan. If you need reliable hosting provider, look no further.
In 2012 I already knew that it’s unlikely we’ll ever need all the features Drupal has to offer. Unfortunately, all those features represents target area for hackers and we observed that our site was under constant “attack” from various bots, trying to get in. From security maintenance point of the view Drupal become a burden for us.
I again started to evaluate alternatives that could even further lower the complexity of managing (upgrading, patching…) our site — if at all possible completely eliminating the maintenance part, allowing us to concentrate on publishing short notes with little interference. As you already know by now, was a no-brainer for our new hosting provider. For approx. 26$/year we can do more or less everything we could do before and even more (SSL access for example). I sincerely hope WP will last longer than MT + Plone + Drupal did together. Cheers!



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