Chris Date in Ljubljana

Let me start this note with a small confession. There are technical books on my book shelve that I read (some of them twice) and/or refer to almost on a daily basis. There is also a (growing) stack of unread books that is likely to be read in the near future (right now, Pro Oracle SQL and Python Algorithms being on the top of the stack), but there is also a book, that will never be read from cover to cover. Title of this book is “An Introduction to Database Systems, 8 edition” by C. J. Date. Hat off to any and every one of you who read this book from cover to cover. Moreover, if you was enjoying reading it and you’re looking for a job in Slovenia, please, drop me a line.
Now, that I relieved my soul, I would like to invite you to attend Chris’s Date two day seminar that will take place in Ljubljana on 23-24 May 2011. Seminar is more than reasonably priced (394€ for early bird registration for non-SIOUG members) and it’s something you should not miss — and please, bring a copy of the book, I’m sure Mr. Date will not object signing it, no matter how worn it is (hmm…I think I have an idea how my copy of the book can get a worn look in a short period of time — I believe I found a new toy for my baby girl ;-).


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