…is apparently the German word from which Slovenian slang words “šalabajzer” and “šalabajzerstvo” are derived from. The word “Schallabweiserrei” is used to express personal discomfort with superficial and incompetent work by artisans. I was using this slang word sporadically, not really knowing it’s origin.
No one is perfect all the time; I’m a šalabajzer from time to time (definitely when I’m trying to fix some broken part in the house, car, etc., without a proper tool(s) and know-how), but as much as I hate to spit in my own plate, can’t help not to admit that IT sector is without a doubt the business area plagued with the largest number of šalabajzers per capital. Who is really to blame? POP culture?, fast-food life style?, complex technology hidden behind user friendly API’s and GUI’s that gives everyone a feeling being an “expert”?, modern IT yuppies with ties, polished shoes and posh talks — mostly selling stuff, rarely solving problems?, “experts” that “excel” with PowerPoint’s and nothing else?, business managers not really knowing their core business and processes?, phoney “managers” on all levels – they’re extremely common in all post-socialistic-communistic countries, Slovenia is not an exception?, business executives buying all this…or even belonging in some previous mentioned category? I really don’t know.
Now I’m going to fix that damn light bulb…(Fingers crossed).


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