SIOUG 2009

Next week I will attend 14 th SIOUG conference, again at my beloved place, Portorož . This year I managed to put up itinerary for all three days, after all — namely my first thought was that because of the lack of interesting morning sessions (apart from Steven Feuerstein on Wednesday) it’s only the last day of the conference that’s really worth attending. But that would be a pity, because I would miss sessions from Christian Antognini and Anjo Kolk.
So here it is, my three day itinerary for SIOUG 2009:

Monday, September 21

  • Peter Kestner, “The Myth of hacking Oracle”
  • Christian Antognini, “Interpreting Execution Plans” — (an opportunity to get an autograph for his book).
  • Randolph Geist, “CBO fundamentals: Understanding the different modes of System Statistics”
  • Lovro Vreš, “Zaščita podatkov v Oracle podatkovnih bazah” (Protection of data in Oracle database)
  • Piet de Visser, “How to prevent double work”
  • Christian Antognini, “Parallel processing”

Tuesday, September 22

  • Jurij Jaklič, “Pot do zrele poslovne inteligence: Pripravljenost in dejavniki uspeha”
  • Craig Stewart, “Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition for Business Intelligence”
  • Anjo Kolk, “7 Levels of Application Efficiency”
  • Marko Borovnik, “Ali je mogoče že sam SQL dovolj za DW in BI”
  • Piet de Visser, “Get your stats right: Guide CBO to go where you want it”
  • Anjo Kolk, “Why the Middle Tier is Slowing Down the Database?”
  • Zmago Žagar, “Obvladovanje meteoroloških procesov”

Wednesday, September 23

  • Steven Feuerstein,”Coding Therapy for Software Developers”
  • Steven Feuerstein,”Automated testing options for Oracle PL/SQL
  • Jože Senegačnik,”Kako napisati dobro PL/SQL kodo?” (How to write good PL/SQL code?”)
  • Jože Senegačnik,”RMAN v praksi”
  • Boris Oblak, “RMAN: namigi in nasveti”
  • Miha Peternel,”Izkušnje pri delu z XML datotekami v Oracle bazi”
  • Aleš Okorn, “Vojna svetov ali kam s podatkovno logiko”
  • Robert Korošec, “OLAP11g kot zamenjava za materializirane poglede”

I was pleasantly surprised that SIOUG introduced cheaper conference pass this year (thank you, Miss Recession!), that excludes social event and lunches; which, of course, I gladly took .


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