Three Great Ways to Get OOW 2008 content – LOL :)

Apparently someone at Oracle thinks, it’s the perfect time (at the doom of worldwide economy recession) to squeeze some extra money from customer pockets and charge for OOW presentation material. I found their offer one of the most ridiculous (stupid) one that I encountered in the last 10 years. Let’s see what they offer:

  • if you’re lucky that you could attend OOW 2008, then you can access pdf’s for free. Big deal, because they’re really not free, considering overpriced registration fee.
  • if you attended OOW 2008, but want to get multimedia content (or whatever “On Demand” means), you’ll have to shell out 400$
  • of course, you can also get DVD Kit for a mere 200$. (Imho, that’s close to the robbery.)
  • anyone who was not a full conference attendee must shell out 700$ to get “On Demand” access. (Yeah right, suckers who missed — or could not afford — OOW will rush and order On Demand access.[grin])

I have a strange filling that Oracle is digging it’s own hole in which it’ll end. If I can hold up with Oracle greedy attempt to charge for multimedia content access, I think it’s unfair to charge 400$ to those who already paid full OOW registration fee. For the first time, OOW pdf’s are not going to be available for free to Oracle community at large. Personally, I think this is not a big deal for us after all, because I’m sure all big names will publish their presentations on blogs. On the other hand it’s certainly a headache for Oracle public affairs department – with such cheap moves they’re casually gambling with their reputation. Nothing new in the West.


p.s. Next week I’ll attend Microsoft event related to Windows SQL Server 2008 and I certainly don’t expect to be ripped off by them.


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