SIOUG 2008

If I was enthusiastic about SIOUG 2007, I can’t say the same for this year event, SIOUG 2008 (21-24th September 2008).

It doesn’t bother me so much the place of the event (yet again, standard-unimaginative-dull Bernardine near Portorož…if you like tons and tons of concrete along the sea coast, you’ll probably enjoy both, Bernardin and Portorož.:-), as the noticeable lack of prominent foreign speakers. Yeah, I know – SIOUG 2007 will be hard to beat, especially when SIOUG is competing with Oracle Open Word, which will take place in the same week of September (grin).

With one or two presentations that I would like to attend on Monday and Tuesday I could not justify wasting two full days there – I sincerely tried to put together a full day agenda for the Monday and Tuesday, without a success. The content that would sparkle my interest just isn’t there. The last day of the conference is more promising. If I’ll attend SIOUG 2008 at all, I’ll book the last day of the conference – to listen to Jože, Riyaj and Jurij.


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  1. A day after the conference…
    As I said, I picked Wednesday, last day of the conference to attend some sessions from Jože Senegačnik, Riyaj Shamsudeen , Jurij Modic and Carel-Jan Engel. Sessions were about Oracle11g upgrade path, RAC, PL/SQL new features and Data 11g Guard New Features.

    I would like to explain my attitude towards conference venue – as you know I’m not a particular fan of the conference venue. It’s not that conference hotel campus is not good enough, on contrary, all facilities there are excellent. It’s the place itself that bore me a bit. Anyway, every major IT conference in Slovenia is organized there, in the same boring place, just at the different time of the year. I’m sure it’s a good business for the local hotel chain, on the other hand it’s a huge waste of money for companies that send people to the coast. I hope this trend will end some day.

    To end my comment in a bit happier spirit; for those from abroad, that don’t know much about Slovenia and/or places I mentioned in this blog, I published some pictures from Piran and Strunjan taken yesterday after the conference. If I found Portorož and Bernardin as a dull places, it’s quite the opposite for Piran and Strunjan.
    Piran is only a 5-10 minutes walk from Bernardin and a very nice destination for a stroll at the end of the day – recommended.