Reactive Performance Management Intensive

I’ll spend next two days in Zagreb attending the 2 day seminar by Craig Shallahamer, titled “Reactive Performance Management Intensive”. I hope Oracle University from Croatia will continue to “hunt” down prominent Oracle speakers and bring them to Zagreb; at least once or twice per year.
I spent this afternoon strolling in the parks and streets of Zagreb enjoying the sunshine, recharging my batteries – (not the batteries for my laptop… for a change ;-).
Anyway, I’ll post a comment to this blog with interesting notes (links) from the seminar that I’ll found useful to share with you. Right now I’m at hotel writing this short blog and preparing for the seminar by reading some papers from OraPub. (For those of you who are not familiar with yet, a fair warning, the process of downloading white papers from looks a bit awkward at first with it’s “shopping cart” but nevertheless, the papers are free – all that is needed is some patience.)


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  1. short notes from the class, Day 1
    Courseware will be online shortly (at the end of the first week of April) at:

    Recommended software:


    Forecasting forum: