A said day for Oracle community

Recent blog tagging “affair” within Oracle community, that started a week (or two ago) looked like an “innocent” fun for some part of Oracle blog community, caused not only a havoc in news aggregators (most notably OraNA, but also ended in Howard J. Rogers decision, to remove all the content from his site. Howard has been my favorite Oracle blogger for a long time, his excellent articles were a great contribution to community and will be missed as much as his writing style of his blogs. I’m totally on Howard side. I admit that I do not use any of the Oracle news aggregator sites, so in this case I’m only affected indirectly, nevertheless I understand the problem and agree with HJR standings expressed on comp.databases.oracle.server. I’m strongly against any chain-letter activity, pyramid systems and similar stupidity coming either from third parties or from inside community.
I hope this madness surrounding blog tagging will soon end and that (hopefully) HJR will reconsider his (legitimate) decision and open the site for the public.


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