21’st Century PL/SQL

I’m fresh from the two day seminar titled 21’st Century PL/SQL, by Steven Feuerstein (pronounced FOYER-STEEN), that was held by Oracle University in Ljubljana. The presentation material is available from here and all the scripts that are mentioned in the material are stored in demo.zip.
All the participants got a copy of his PL/SQL bible, “Oracle PL/SQL Programming”, 4th edition – and of course, most of us (geeks) took the opportunity to get the book signed by Steven.
As I already said, Steven is an excellent technical speaker. Speaking about programming (no matter which computer language is the subject) is not trivial, I believe it’s much harder than speaking about other IT stuff, such as system administration, database performance tuning, or for example about database administration in general. Browsing through code, explaining it, changing it, actually running it, taking the questions from attendees, answering, keeping the audience focused (and awake!), and all this back and forth is not a picnic.
What I can say for the end of this blog, if you have a chance attend Steven Feuersteins seminar, you’ll certainly not regret, no matter how experienced you’re in PL/SQL, you’ll learn something new.


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