SIOUG 2007, for the very first time…

…I’m pleasantly surprised by the agenda of SIOUG 2007, twelfth Slovenian Oracle User Group. For the better or worse I was avoiding attending SIOUG conference so far. With the exception of two or (max) three speakers, I simply didn’t find the content that would draw my attention and justify my travel to Portorose.
On top of that, I don’t like the venue of the conference (I’m not sure exactly why I dislike Portorose so much) , so it was always a simple decision for me – no go! :)

This time around it’ll be a much tougher decision, it could well mean I’ll reserve a day or two and attend the SIOUG to listen to the presentations listed below:

Wolfgang Breitling, “Tuning by Cardinality Feedback”

Wolfgang Breitling, “Joins, Skew and Histograms”

James Morle, “Skew and Latency: The Silent Killers”

James Morle, “Brewing Benchmarks”

Julian Dyke, “Investigating Oracle”

Julian Dyke, “Flashback Logging”

Joze Senegacnik, “Kako CBO izvaja transformacije SQL ukazov” (How CBO performs SQL transformations)

Joze Senegacnik, “Automatic Memory Management in Oracle 10g”

Cary Millsap, “Why You Can’t See Your Real Performance Problems”

Cary Millsap, “Profiling Oracle: How it Works”

Stefan Knecht, “Hot new features in 11g”

Alex Gorbachev, “RAC connection management”

Jurij Modic “Kakšen je tvoj načrt, Oracle?” (“What is your plan, Oracle?”)

Hmm…not bad, not bad at all!! (Well done, Joze !! ;-)



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